American Association Of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT)

The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (which will be referred to as the AAPT from here on out) is an association for pharmacy technicians offering credentialing and resources for members. There are a number of benefits to belonging to the AAPT, and in some cases membership will even be a requirement. Basic information about the AAPT is required by anyone entering the pharmacy technician field.

Brief History Of The American Association Of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT)

AAPT has the right to declare itself the first Pharmacy Technician Association that ever came into being in the USA. When it started it was non-profit association and it says a lot about the AAPT that it remains a non-profit association right up until this very point in time. In order to maintain this non-profit status the organization is run by volunteer pharmacy technicians. When it began in 1979 it was run entirely by volunteers, a state of being that has not changed up until the present day. This allows individual pharmacy technicians to be members without having to pay fees. The AAPT is dedicated to serving the interests of ALL pharmacy technicians regardless of race, gender, color, or creed. This is done through its Executive Board, Committees, the National Office and its many Chapters which can be found in New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington State. As the role of the pharmacy technician expands, AAPT continues to be an active participant in making decisions which affect changes at all levels of the profession. Consequently it can be viewed as a representative agency for pharmacy technicians as their interests will be represented and in many cases the desired changes that they would like to see will be met. This is one of the primary benefits of membership.American Association Of Pharmacy Technicians

Mission Statement

According to the mission statement that can be found at, the AAPT aims to achieve the following:

Provides leadership and represents the interests of its members to the public as well as health care organizations.

Promotes the safe, efficacious, and cost effective dispensing, distribution and use of medications.

Provides continuing education programs and services to help technicians update their skills to keep pace with changes in pharmacy services.

Promotes pharmacy technicians as an integral part of the patient care team.”

From the mission statement we can ascertain that this association, like most other associations in the medical profession, exists for the purpose of monitoring those employed within it. In addition the association provides a certain amount of advocacy in that it represents its members to the public in a good light. One the primary aims is to ensure that medications are dispensed safely and accurately by pharmacy technicians at all times as this is in line with the best interests of the general public as well as in line with the best interests of the members of the AAPT. One of the main advantages offered by the AAPTP is the opportunity for members to keep their skills in the field of pharmaceuticals up to date. With increases in qualifications they may also stand the chance to receive promotions and better jobs.

About The Association’s Members

The AAPT represents members of the pharmacy technician industry who work in a large number of different work environments and sub-occupations of the profession.

  • The AAPT represents pharmacy technicians practicing in hospitals
  • The AAPT represents pharmacy technicians practicing in ambulatory facilities
  • The AAPT represents pharmacy technicians practicing in extended care facilities
  • The AAPT represents pharmacy technicians practicing in community pharmacies
  • The AAPT represents pharmacy technicians practicing as educators

In brief, the association is there to provide for the needs of members in all areas of the pharmacy technician industry. In addition you will be covered by the AAPT if:

  • You are a pharmacy technician student
  • If you practice in the Veterans Administration Medical Centers
  • If you practice in the Armed Forces facilities, and
  • If you practice in industry

The association has a number of chapters that are organized at the local level. These are in New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington State. In addition to those chapters there are members of the association in all states across the country. There are also AAPT members to be found in Canada as well as in a number of international locations. There are more than 300,000 pharmacy technicians employed in the US and that number of expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

Benefits Of American Association Of Pharmacy Technicians Membership

There are a number of benefits to belonging to the AAPT. According to the association’s own website, some the main benefits are the following:

  • Continuing Education Credits: In many states you are required to provide evidence that you have engaged in continuing education once every few years in order to keep your certification status as a pharmacy technician. The AAPT provides you with a number of continuing education credit opportunities.
  • Professional Enrichment: In addition to the requirements of completing continuing education hours and credits, the AAPT also benefits you at a personal level in that those self-same courses can allow you to become more confident in your line of work and be eligible for more job opportunities I professions that offer higher pay packages and benefits.
  • Networking Opportunities: AAPT allows pharmacy technicians to get to know each other. This means that, when you need a contact in the industry in certain state or area of the employment market, you will be able to find those contacts very easily through the association. Local chapters allow you to meet other at a local level and form both professional and personal relationships.
  • Updates on Current Trends: Being aware of what is happening in your chosen profession is an important way to stay in touch with reality and with what the best pharmacy technician practices are. The association provides updates on these trends.
  • Discount Rates to AAPT Sponsored Events: There are a number of events sponsored by the association that you will be able to attend at a markedly discounted rate. The vents are usually open to all pharmacy technicians, but as a member of the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians itself you will not be required to pay the same rate as everyone else.
  • Voice in Pharmacy Technician Issues: The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians provides you with an opportunity to voice your opinions on pharmacy technician issues as it represents all of its members in relevant situations.
  • Opportunities to Develop Leadership Skills: BU volunteering to help run the association you will learn valuable leadership skills that will boost your resume significantly. This will also help you advance your career and become a person of high standing in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Website Featuring Calendar of Events and Appropriate Links: This is a very useful resource in that it lists events related to pharmacy technicians in general and not only those b hosted by the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians meaning that you won’t run the risk of missing out.

Chapters And Contact Details

As with most associations that are formed in order to administer and monitor a certain segment of the health care profession, the AAPT has a number of different chapters that can be found across the country. There are chapters of the AAPT in 7 states across the US:


Metro Protech Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Roseanne Grandinetti-Delgado



North Carolina Association of Pharmacy Technicians (NCAPT)

Alice Foust, Cpht



Northland Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Angela Buchanan


White Rose Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Doris Gable, Cpht



Alamo of San Antonio Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Beverly Miller



Washington State Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Uyen Thorstensen


As you can see, if you want to join a chapter of the AAPT your options are few and far between as that are only located in a few very specific states across the country. However if you have the opportunity to join this association it is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss out on because of the many benefits that you will then be eligible to receive once you have joined the fold. The above contact information and the necessary requirements and prerequisites are all you need to apply for membership with the AATP.

Belonging to the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians can make a substantial difference to your life in terms of your career as pharmacy technician. There are a number benefits, both obvious an implied, to having membership in an organization such as this. Throughout the medical profession people are asked to join associations. This is in order to control the profession and ensure that the standard of care is maintained, but it is also aimed at ensuring that professionals are protected and have access to the resources that they need to do their jobs as well as possible.

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