Social Worker Grants Smooth The Way Forward For Social Workers

When most people think of social workers, they are inclined to think of them as those who offer counseling to people in distress, and although that is partly true and a key component, their knowledge and their training mean they are capable of working in a broad range of areas that simply cannot all be mentioned. Sadly, there are many areas that are lacking in trained social service personnel, so much so that the state offers federal social worker grants to fund training programs, making it possible for students to pay for their tuition. Sometimes in exchange for these grants, students will need to give a certain amount of time to work in particular areas where there is great need.

Before resorting to student loans, it will be of enormous benefit to students to first investigate other ways of how to pay for college, whether it is with scholarships, work-study programs, college grants and fellowships. Social worker grants play an important role in making it possible for students to get their training at accredited schools and become highly professional and skilled social workers. These grants make it possible for promising students to get an education, that without financial aid, they may have not have been able to.

What Are Social Worker Grants?z

Social Worker Grants

Grants can be issued by the government, private individuals, universities or organizations and they are awarded on the basis of financial need. Grants never need to be repaid. There are many grants available so you can find a grant for which you may be qualified. Some grants and scholarships are for a certain type of person; like a particular ethnic group, for single men or women, certain religions, for those who are disabled and so on and then other people will not be able to apply for these grants. The whole idea of grants is to help students who meet certain criteria to afford to pay for college tuition, accommodation fees, books as well as other costs related with studying. Students who apply for grants may need to provide proof that they have indeed completed certain studies or field work.

The different types of scholarships and grants for social workers are:

  • college bases grants and scholarships
  • research organization grants
  • private scholarships and grants
  • field specific scholarships
  • industry organization scholarships

Federal College Grants

Different types of financial aid have different rules, called eligibility criteria, and this will determine who gets financial aid, and whether it is needs- or merit based. You will need to be a US citizen and also be enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program.

Students with criminal convictions and who take drugs or who have been involved with sexual offences will not be eligible for federal student aid.

To apply for any of the federal grant, students will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This calculates the student’s need for financial aid. Once the FAFSA has been completed, students will receive a Student Aid Report, known as the SAR and this informs the students whether they are eligible to receive federal student aid, and which programs the students will have access to. The FASFA form can be accessed from the US Department of Education’s website.

Pell Grants are available to social work undergraduate students who are able to show that they have a legitimate financial need on their FAFSA application; and the grant amounts are determined by the level of need. Students with disabilities may receive funding from the Pell Grant as well as Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants. The Federal Pell Grant program is one of the most basic federal aid programs and makes a way for millions of low-income students to get educated. Pell recipients are enrolled in all types of colleges and universities, and award amounts change when federal budgets are debated. Criteria that determines your Pell Grant awards will include length of study, cost of attendance, whether you are studying full- or part time as well as expected family contributions.

Remember that you need to stay eligible for federal student aid which means amongst others, filling out your Free application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA – every year.

General Grants Are Also For Social Workers

Not all social worker grants are specifically geared towards social workers. There are many general grants that students in any job description can apply for, including social workers.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is a grant which is awarded to low-income undergraduate students who are also US citizens, and thousands of academic institutions take part. Always make sure that the University or college you want to attend participates in the FSEOG program. Students must first fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Because students are also Pell Grant recipients, students wanting to see if they qualify for the FSEOG should first apply for the Pell Grant.

The amount a student can receive for an FSEOG is more or less $100 to $4,000 per year; depending on the student’s financial need as well as the funding and policies of the financial aid office at your college or university. The US Department of Education gives each college or university taking part a certain amount of FSEOG funds annually.

Always remember to apply early, because funds are limited. For low-income students who would never be able to afford college fees, the Pell Grant and the FSEOG are excellent places to start looking for financial aid.

Many Different Roles For Social Workers

Social workers are always highly trained and their training takes them into many different roles. There are many childless couples for instance who have adopted children, and will have had contact with a social worker. Social workers with a masters degree in social work will conduct home studies and they also play a role in the matching process. With adoptive placements, whether with agency or attorney adoptive placements, the social worker does the post placement supervision before finalization, all the while playing an important role in providing counseling to both the birth and the adoptive families. They counsel the birth parents, helping them to make the choice that will be best for them.

They know how emotionally unnerving it is for both sets of parents and they provide counseling and education. Apart from adoption placements, opportunities also exist in a wide range of areas like drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, family services, business and labor, correctional services and many others.

A Social Worker Must Be Highly Trained

To be a social worker who works with adoptions or any of the other myriads of social worker categories, and to be able to do your work well, you will need an honors or postgraduate degree in social work which can be gained from different colleges and universities. The training will include practical training as well as classroom education. A degree in social work will require fours years of your time at university, and voluntary experience during this time will help towards you getting employment in the future. The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work covers a broad spectrum of studying: English, human behavior, social work practice theory, statistics, biological sciences, social work history as well as field practicum experiences. Successful completion of the social work program will mean that the graduates are able to apply for licensure as a social worker.

Find Out About The Many Different Kinds Of Grants

There are many grants available to social workers, and it is to the social worker’s advantage to find out about all the different federal and state grant programs available. There are colleges and universities with degree programs in social work who offer grants and scholarships to their students. One or two of these grants are:

  • The School of Social Work, Arizona State University – they offer a variety of funding opportunities for students pursuing a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in Social Work –
  • The University of Nevada – Reno’s School of Social Work offers four scholarships to undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in the social work program. –
  • The Division of Family and Children Services, for instance, offer students studying to become social workers assistance with their tuition. Grants are offered under a program designed to boost the number of trained social workers in Georgia. The College Child Protection Grant Program for Public Child Welfare is a joint federal and state funded educational grant. The selection process for IV-E grant recipients is competitive, but the beauty of it is that it covers the cost of tuition, fees, books and travel expenses for students interested in a career in Child Welfare.

Some other grants available to Social Workers are:

  • National Association of Social Workers Foundation (NASW)
  • New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services – Federal grant
  • The American Cancer Society’s Masters Training Grant in Clinical Oncology Social Work
  • The National Institutes of Health Research on Social Work Practice and Concepts in Health – Federal grant

The professionally trained social workers are well prepared to cope with social work and the state of George, because of social worker grants enjoys having a steady pool of professional social workers. They offer bachelors and masters degree programs in social work. For more information on the IV-E grant program you can go to, and for additional information on degree programs in social work at Clark Atlanta University you can look at

Graduate level students will find grants designed to fund their graduate level and doctoral research. Apart from grants from universities and colleges, professional organizations are also instrumental in supporting the profession of Social Work across all aspects of the field by the provision of grants. The National Association of Social Workers is the biggest organization serving social workers. Grant awards go to social work students who are conducting research or  implementing community outreach programs in needy areas.

Social workers make a truly worthwhile contribution to society, and do do their work professionally and efficiently, many of them specialize. Some of these specializations include substance abuse counseling, psychiatric counseling and family and relationship counseling. All students get their Bachelors degree, which is a necessity, but others go on to complete their Masters in Social Work (MSW).

There are many states that have instituted funding programs for students studying social work, and some of these are:


Social Workers, if they want to succeed, need to be thoroughly trained with a BSW degree, and they will need to find an accredited university or college who offers the appropriate social work degree programs. If you are wanting to do your four-year bachelor’s degree, a two-year master’s degree, or a doctorate degree in social work, how are you going to find the money to cover the costs of your tuition plus your books? Every state requires their social workers to be licensed. Many states also require many hours of field work as well.

Whether you as a social worker opt to study at a university or college or online, social worker grants are available to you if you meet the criteria. Working with the poor and the abused is for those caring individuals called to such a profession. Because there are millions of poor and needy people, social workers are in demand, and yet there is a shortage of professional, social workers. It is for this reason that grants for social workers are so important. A social work degree is not easily earned; it is a long and hard course that requires dedication , without the student having to worry where the funds are coming from to keep them studying.

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