Social Worker Education Costs And What You Need To Know About It

How Much Does A Typical Course Cost?

Becoming a social worker is unfortunately not as easy as taking a correspondence one year course through the mail and getting the job. When you consider the large responsibility that rests on a social worker’s shoulders you will understand why it is not so easy to become a social worker.

A typical Social worker degree could set you back about $40 000, but the cost would depend on which college or University you are attending. The cost of the education is not regulated and fixed and for this reason, the tuition may differ from one University to the next.

A Masters degree in social work could cost you anything from $13 000 at a public University to $36 000 at a private institutions. The social worker education costs are set at this high rate to make sure that those who enroll into this program are dedicated and know that the stakes are high for them.

Watch Out For Additional Costs

When looking over social worker education cost you need to look at a lot more than just the tuition fees. These fees grant you access to the university or college and will allow you to use the facilities and attend class.

Over and above the tuition fees, you need to look at the cost of your books, stationary, transportation, accommodation, general living costs and administration fees.

Getting your degree in social work is only the first step. If you truly want to make a career out of social work and be an asset to those who are in need, you will need to do your Masters degree in social work. This will also ensure that you are accepted into the industry much faster than someone with a Bachelor’s degree. As you start your education, the costs start to rise each year and you will need to make provision for these costs.

As with everything else in our lives, there are different options available to students to make the cost a little more bearable. There is the choice of either staying on campus to save on transportation costs or to stay off campus at home or to rent accommodation off campus which may be more affordable than staying on campus, but will set you back in transport to and from worker education costs

All of these factors should be considered before enrolling in a school to ensure that whichever source of funds is used does not run out.
Healthcare should also be factored into the typical additional costs that a student can run into. The cost of healthcare alone can run into the thousands of dollars if you are not taking proper care of yourself and because of the stresses of studying.

Any programs that you enroll in or any activities may require that you purchase additional gear to enable you to participate which could cost a small fortune as well. Any sporting activity you participate in will require you to purchase gear and a uniform which may not come cheaply.

What Should Be Included In Your Study Program

When you enroll in a study program you should know what this program entails. Most courses are around two years long and should also include around a thousand hours of practical hands on work in the field.
It is not always easy to choose a place of study especially with the cost of the studies these days.

Choosing Your School By Cost

There are many things that can affect the cost of your studies such as whether you will be studying at a private or a public school and where the school is situated. Schools in metropolitan areas are often more expensive than the schools in more urban areas and they are also well known.
If the cost of the social work course seems like it can be too much to bear, then you may want to look into studying online or doing a correspondence course. This type of education is only for those who are extremely self-disciplined. Part time studies may take longer to complete but they are more cost effective and will enable you to work while you are studying.

Coping With The Cost Of Studying

Although studying may be expensive, it is not impossible to attain. A few ways of coping with the cost of your studies and additional costs that go along with it, are:

  • Budget
  • Choose your school carefully
  • Apply for grants
  • Don’t live outside your means
  • Pace yourself


In order for you to set up a budget for yourself, you will need to sit and think what all you will need to spend money on while you are studying right down to the last tube of toothpaste you will use. Do some research into the cost of the different schools and make a comparison for yourself to see what you are getting for the money you are spending at the schools you are considering. You should also see what other programs and clubs the schools have available and what your cash outlay will be to be a part of these clubs, societies or programs so that you can include all of this in your budget.

Be sure that you know what you are going to need to spend. Once your expenses have been written down on paper and you are confident that everything has been included, you can brainstorm ideas on how you will raise the funds to meet these expenses. If you have some money saved up for your studies or if you have a trust fund or similar investment policy that pays out for your to study then you can put these at the top of the list and then list other ideas of funding your studies underneath as well as how much you can realistically gain from each of these ideas. By the time you are finished with your budget, the income and the expenses should balance each other out. If they do not, then you should continue with thinking up ways to earn more money or other ways to fund your studies so that in the end, your income with balance with or exceed your expenses.

Choose Your School Carefully

Your choice of where you are studying can also have a big impact on your social worker education cost. There is quite a large difference in pricing between public and private schools. You need to think to yourself why it is that you would want to spend more money to go to a private school. If it means that you will be employed easier because of your connection with a certain school and you have the funds available as well as the grades to get you into the school then it will be money worth spending. If you want to get into the school just because of the name of the school and the bragging rights that may go with it, then you should rethink your situation.
Going to a private school does not always mean that you are getting a better education. The standards of the public schools may be just as high as in private schools. The classes may just be slightly larger in the public school which means that you may not get the individual attention as in a private school, but it also means that you are more dependent on yourself to make your grades work for you which will make you work harder to reach your goal.

Apply For grants

There are numerous private and federal grants available to students who qualify. The more grants you apply for, the better your chance of qualifying for one of them. The sooner you apply, the better your chances as well. There are many ways to pay off your tuition as well through terms with the school and student loans have very fair rates for you to pay off once you have graduated. There are also programs available from some companies where you can work for them while they pay for your studies. This means that you are earning the money that you are using to study.

Don’t Live Outside Your Means

While you are studying you should not be living the life yet. You should rather apply yourself to your studies and save as much as you possibly can while you are studying. This does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself, but live within your means and stick to the budget that you have set out for yourself. If you overspend on one expense, it means you will have to go without something else for the rest of the month. Do not spend money that you do not have and resisting the temptation to take a credit card while you are still studying is probably one of the wisest financial choices you can make.

Pace Yourself

If you do not qualify for a grant or scholarship then you can arrange with your school to pay off your tuition in installments. This will make the load a bit easier to carry and will ensure that you can manage your financial responsibilities one at a time.

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