Functional Yet Stylish Medical Assistant Uniforms

Medical assistant uniforms are important so that your colleagues and patients are able to identify you. You need to look professional, and should be able to conduct your work in an efficient and comfortable manner while looking well turned out at the same time. The beauty of modern medical uniforms is the ability to mix and match pants and tops in combinations that produce the precise look you want. Medical staff all dress differently, because it is important for junior nurses particularly to instantly recognize a doctor and be able to turn to them quickly in an emergency. There are excellent online stores for you to buy medical uniforms at competitive rates. These stores offer a massive range of quality uniforms geared towards meeting the expectations of every medical setting.

They keep updated with the latest trends in medical uniforms so that their customers can always have the exact uniform they need and in a range of styles and colors. Whether you are wanting one uniform or many uniforms these online stores cater to your every need. Not only can you select medical uniforms from top name brands, there are companies who will develop a line of medical apparel especially for your healthcare staff. You can order 3/4 sleeve medical tops, snap front tops, button front tops, zip front tops, tie back tops or v-necks, shoes, gloves and pants in every brand, color, size and style. Every uniform can also be customized with an employee’s name or a logo. You want your medical staff to look their absolute best, and there are companies who provide a linen service, washing, ironing and maintaining uniforms along with repairs all being taken care of. Canning the globe to bring you the best in medical scrubs, our experienced retail experts are dedicated to obtaining hard-to-find healthcare-related gear and medical uniforms.

Advantages Of Uniforms

It is important in the medical industry to wear a uniform as it is a form of identification. Medical assistant uniforms have been designed with comfort in mind, and loose-fitting scrubs are certainly more comfortable and tight-fitting regular clothes. Comfortable, loose-fitting uniforms ensure that employees are able to perform at their very best.

Protective Medical Uniforms

These medical assistant uniforms also play an important role in protecting the medical assistant from harmful germs, body fluids and infectious microbes that they come into contact with on a daily basis. It is for this reason that, whether you are a veterinary medical assistant or working with sick human beings, designers and manufacturers of medical uniforms are always researching fabrics and styles that provide a certain level of protection. If medical staff were to dress casually, patients would constantly be in doubt as to who is professional enough to treat them. In most medical clinics or hospitals, nurses dress differently to surgeons.

Long ago medical uniforms were very different from what they are today. Firstly, whether you were a surgeon or a nursing assistant, the uniforms were always white fabric and decorated with the red cross emblem on the chest or on the nursing cap, while today all kinds of fashionable styles and colors are worn.Medical Assistant Uniforms

Today, most hospitals and clinics have relaxed the rules for uniforms, and allow their nurses and medical assistants to wear colorful prints which also serve a dual purpose in that the brightness and variety of the uniforms lift the spirits of the patients. Your appearance can certainly have an effect on someone who needs it. No matter what medical role you fill, there will be a medical uniform to wear of quality and value.

Scrubs are the most common type of medical uniforms. The name comes from the attire used by medical staff prior to scrubbing up for surgery, and today they have become universal in their use in just about every kind of health care setting. The color and pattern of scrubs can conform to the dress code of a particular hospital or clinic.

Rent Medical Uniforms For The Utmost Convenience

Today everything is about convenience, and hospitals and clinics and private individuals don’t have to buy their uniforms; they can be rented. The beauty of this is that these rental companies will pick up the soiled uniforms and return them freshly laundered, and if they become worn and faded, they will also provide replacements. Their valuable services also extend to measuring medical staff for excellent fitting uniforms.

Antibacterial Medical Uniforms

Many hospitals and clinics buy medical scrubs in bulk and they offer their staff these quality outfits at much lower rates. These scrubs are antibacterial, anti-static and can also eliminate odor. Also, washing these uniforms does not undermine the effectiveness of the uniforms. The cotton scrub bottoms come with hip pockets inside and out for extra storage. Some medical facilities like their medical assistants to wear the traditional dark blue or green scrubs, perhaps for a more traditional and professional look, but there are some clinics and hospitals that like to select their own design and color uniforms. The main priority when choosing these uniforms is comfort and selecting wrinkle free fabrics. Cottons, brushed polyester and poly/rayon are some of the fabrics used.

Designers of these medical uniforms create outfits that look stylish on both male and female staff, and if you happen to be pregnant, there are functional and attractive maternity uniforms too. Designers of medical assistant uniforms take into account things like size, height and the particular job at hand and they include a number of useful size pockets to put things in. Today a variety of colors are used for the many different types of medical uniforms:

  • Scrub jackets and gowns – with impermeable edges to block transfer of bacteria.
  • Scrub tops with square necklines, scoop necks or v-necks, cross over tops.
  • Scrub pants, drawstring pants, cargo pants – If you don’t want your staff wearing color coded scrubs for different medical ranks, you can rather opt to have color-coded drawstrings to designate rank within your staff. Sizes are available from extra small to XXXL.
  • Nursing shoes.
  • Scrub caps.
  • Medical dresses and skirts.
  • Men’s scrubs, women’s scrubs and unisex scrubs.
  • Lab coats – also available in traditional white and a must for any medical student. Made from unshrinkable cotton and in a range of different sizes.
  • Warm up jackets or cardigans.

In the medical world you can’t have fabrics which may conduct electricity and static, and these days you also get static-free disposable lab coats which will protect medical assistants, and patients, from hazards, offering a range of additional safety features. They are made from 100% polyester, which makes them lightweight and breathable. For ease of movement, they come with a four button closure down the front, and there is also a slit up the back for easy movement. Velcro cuffs and a fold up collars are just a couple of the helpful safety features in place.

Anti Stain Uniforms From Top Brands

Even in the medical world, designer brands are sought after, and when it comes to scrubs, styles and trends are as important as ever. Some of the well known brands for scrubs are Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs, Cherokee, Koi scrubs, Landau and others. In fact, the Dickies and Cherokee uniforms feature a stain resistant technology, meaning the fabric is able to resist solid and liquid stains from permanently marking the uniform. Besides keeping harmful pathogens at bay, these soil release fabrics assist with ensuring the medical assistants always look fresh and hygienic throughout their working shift. These special types of fabrics eliminate the need to use harsh detergents and bleaches to remove stains.

Lightweight Medical Assistant Shoes

Lightweight Shoes are an important part of the uniform because of the high number of hours spent working on your feet. Feet have to put up with quite a bit of trauma on a shift in a hospital, and some medical assistants opt to make use of Dr Scholl’s gel inserts to make their shoes more comfortable. Wearing shoes that are highly comfortable as opposed to simply selecting a good brand name is critical. Of course there are some medical facilities that require their staff to wear white shoes. Nurse Mate shoes are a popular choice as part of medical assistant uniforms and other good names are Cherokee and Skechers for instance. These shoes can be slip ones or lace ups. Whether the medical assistant is required to wear a closed shoe, clogs or sandals, footwear is carefully researched and developed to prevent aching feet.

Reversible Scrub Tops And Pants

With the vast assortment of medical assistant uniforms out there, you are bound to find exactly what you’re looking for in health care apparel, and if you or your clinic orders online you can also have a scrubs catalog sent to you to help you make up your mind on the best quality and best looking uniforms. You will also see that cotton scrubs are reversible which means that if you do inadvertently get soiled and you need a clean uniform on the spur of the moment, you can simply turn the uniform inside out in an instant and carry on performing your duties.

The Conclusion

From medical scrubs, and other medical uniforms at discount prices, all your medical uniform requirements can be taken care of, and with so much variety, shopping for medical assistant uniforms can be fun and easy.

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