EMT Uniforms Need To Be Highly Protective

Working as an Emergency Medical Technician can be both rewarding and thrilling, as each day promises to be completely different from the day before; unlike the usual 9 – 5 office bound jobs. An EMT is always involved in every kind of medical emergency, and they have to make many critical life and death decisions that will impact the lives of others forever. EMT uniforms, therefore, serve a double purpose of keeping the EMTs safe and clean, and acting as a symbol to the public. In traumatic circumstances, people will feel safe with you when they see your uniform, as it is comforting and reassuring to see a team of professional and well-groomed EMTs and paramedics performing their duties.

emt uniformsToday, more than ever, there are various jobs that require their workers to wear a uniform, and these include jobs in the military, the medical industry, fire fighters, pilots and waitrons. The great thing about the uniforms is that they can be mixed and matched to create different looks, while things like colors and logos remain standard. Female emergency medical technicians, for instance, can choose to wear pants and a shirt, which is often the more popular choice, or they can choose to wear a skirt and top for a more feminine look. Male EMTs can choose to wear long or short pants. These will vary according to the company. With EMT uniforms everyone looks the same, and this means workers can fully concentrate on the task before them. A uniform also builds up a sense of unity and belonging.

EMTs Need To Be Distinguishable

The Emergency Medical Technician has to assess the medical needs of the injured at the scene of an accident so that they can perform whatever medical treatment is needed. Amongst all the different people at the scene of an accident, you will want to distinguish your team swiftly, and one of the more important reasons why companies insist on work uniforms is because of that brand image. When it comes to the important work that EMT’s perform, people should be able to recognize them with their special colors and logos. This is especially necessary in the medical field where emergency medical technicians have to have direct interaction with those involved in trauma at a crime scene for instance. Without a recognizable uniform, they may have been turned away. The employees of an emergency medical facility can be easily identified when they wear a particular uniform.

A Uniform Evokes Calm And Reassurance

EMTs are trained to perform their duties in a calm and reassuring manner so as to bring some kind of order to a traumatic and chaotic scene. Even when looking at gruesome sights, they have to maintain their composure and work quietly and quickly as they prepare patients for transport to hospitals. During times of trauma you need to know that the people dealing with you, especially when you have important documentation, money or jewelery in your possession, are really the true rescuers, and the uniform tells you that it is okay for you to trust them and be attended to by them. In the same manner, these emergency medical technicians know the importance of what their uniforms represent.

Warm, Waterproof, Cool, Functional And Protective

EMTs work in all types of weather and their uniforms have been designed to be comfortable and not restrictive as they bend, crawl, run and do heavy lifting. EMT uniforms have to be light and functional in Summer, but warm and waterproof for cooler conditions. Their uniforms have specific features that are a necessity for them to be able to do their work efficiently. On top of that, the designers have come up with uniforms that are made from wrinkle free fabrics which are also stain resistant and impervious to blood and body fluid penetration. This is vital for protecting the EMT from exposure. Sometimes the EMT Department has different divisions and they may require that each division has its own uniform to distinguish the one division from the next.

Uniforms Tailored To Fit

There are quite a few suppliers of EMT uniforms and Siegel’s is one of these suppliers who stock the highest quality EMT clothing at competitive prices. They also offer a great service in that they have an in-house alteration department where uniforms can be tailored to fit perfectly and where logos can be embroidered on. It is most important to have an emergency uniform that comes with the right fit for you. You just cannot have a uniform that constricts your movements or which is too large and you have to be tugging and pulling at it the whole time.

  • Siegel’s Tactical Men’s Responder Parka for instance has been specially designed with on-the-job hazards in mind and to this end they are waterproof and breathable and also provide protection from blood borne pathogens. The jacket is also detailed with ¾” reflective tape at the hem, chest, and sleeves and reflective tape along the front and back yoke and sleeves. The jacket has plenty of other amazing features.
  • Dee’s Uniforms is another supplier who sports a full range of EMT boots for both men and women which are known for their comfort and performance. Their waterproof boots are lightweight with easy on and off side zippers. Other features include built-in shock absorbers, removable foot force comfort insoles, sure grip plus trail outsoles as well as many other features to enhance the performance of emergency medical technicians who find themselves in wet slippery conditions, fire, running over rocks and in roads where perhaps dangerous chemicals have spilled out.

Appropriate Clothing Enhances Performance

Beanies, socks and gloves are just some of the items that make up the uniform for emergency medical technicians. Items are always designed with protection and comfort in mind.

EMT Pants

emt pants

  • Specifically designed EMT pants are for both men and women. The heavy-duty pants usually have a number of large cargo pockets to carry tools and other gear like flashlight, gloves and scissors.
  • The pants are usually in dark colors and made from poly-cotton, cotton canvas or lightweight RipStop fabric.
  • Pleated pants give you more room for movement and you can opt for reinforced seat and knees.
  • The pants also are designed to have resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and fire.
  • Sometimes the EMT will wear high visibility fluorescent orange, yellow or lime green Luminator suits.
  • These suits include drawstring pants and jacket with hood with reflective markings which are worn in wet and rainy conditions. Excellent protection from cold and wet outdoor conditions.

Leather Belts

Heavy duty leather belts or nylon webbing belts are designed in such a way that tools and gadgets can be hung from the belt. Black, brown or leather belts with nickel-plated buckles and visible stitching are made for durability and are available in sizes small to extra large.

EMT Shirts

  • Long and short sleeved shirts as well as long and short sleeved tee shirts made from 100% pigment-dyed cotton. All EMT shirts are made to be extremely durable.
  •  Some EMT departments like to have the star of life emblem printed on their shirts, providing a stamp of authentication for EMTs.
  • Polos are also an important part of EMT uniforms, providing a more relaxed look while remaining professional looking with a logo. The Polos are designed to keep emergency medical technicians cool and comfortable on the job with breathable underarms for a cool and professional appearance.
  • Fabrics have been designed to stand up to all the action that is synonymous with this job and to also repel liquids.

EMT Vests

The vests have a reflective tape on the top and bottom with an ID holder for identification purposes. The sleeveless vests are worn over shirts, and although they come in different colors, the blue and orange offer the most visibility.


EMT uniforms today have changed dramatically over the years and this is because they have so many more dangerous situations to contend with. These days the fires, chemicals and type of accidents are more horrific than they have ever been, and uniforms have to be functional and protective to protect the EMT from contaminated fluids that were unknown decades ago. In any emergency it is all about timing, and if the EMT has still got to worry about their own safety because of the wrong clothing, the lives of the injured could be jeopardized. Uniforms have been finely specialized to carry all kinds of emergency equipment and cope with all kinds of situations. With features specific to the emergency profession, boots, vests, pants, shirts and jackets come from well-known brands like Blauer, Redback, Xfire and 5.11 Tactical amongst others.

When you are wearing a prescribed uniform, you are identifiable to your colleagues as well as to the people you are attending to. In an emergency situation where chaos and destruction are all around, you need to be identified so that you are allowed to enter certain areas and so that your superiors can recognize you and assign tasks that are meant specifically for you.

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