EMT Grants For What Would Be Pricey Tuition

Anybody who wants to become an emergency medical technician will be entering into an exciting and challenging health career, and thanks to EMT grants, riveting jobs like this can become a reality to many students who would otherwise never have been able to afford the tuition. EMTs are all about attending to people who find themselves in desperate and sometime near-death situations. EMTs are trained to assess a patient’s condition on arrival at the accident scene and to perform emergency medical procedures until the patient can be transferred to an appropriate hospital for advanced medical care. Some of these procedures will be controlling bleeding, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, preventing shock, defibrillation and body immobilization.

EMTs Undergo Intense Training

EMTs are health care professionals and are relied on heavily in emergency situations. There are many firefighters who are trained in EMT work, and East Bethel Fire Department is a good example of this. Medical emergencies account for many of their calls, and EMT training has become important, equipping these fire fighters to use an automated external defibrillator and to also know how to load an injured patient on a backboard. The beauty about this training is that is is covered by a federal grant.

University And College Courses Are Always Costly

When you see what all the EMT has to do, you realize that they need intense training because they are working with people’s lives, For this reason they need to be highly trained. Have you considered your financial capacity? Doing a course at university or college is always going to be costly and although you can get EMT grants and other financial help, it is always a good idea to see if you are in fact able to meet the your financial needs associated with becoming an emergency medical technician. The health care industry is growing and there is also a growing need for medical workers. It is true that college and university is expensive but that cost can be reduced with grants, scholarships and low interest loans. You can seek help from your local government because they often have grants to help people in a variety of situations.

There are three levels of EMT training – EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate and the EMT-Paramedic. Prices vary but can be anything from $600.00 for EMT-Basic, $800.00 for the intermediate course and $3500.00 for the paramedic course.

Grants For Online EMT Training?

There are quite a number of online schools such as the renowned Kaplan University which offers EMT training courses. Hands on training must be completed at a college venue but quite a lot of the education and preparation can be completed online, after which you will also be required to pass your certification test. Prices for online courses vary and by the type of EMT certification course but you will be looking at a price of about $500 for a basic online course. When you look at these prices, you can be pleased that many of these online colleges also offer financial aid programs.

EMT Training Prices

Courses for the EMT-Basic Certificate Course can be in the region of $500 to $3,820. The courses can last up to 8 months or longer and the more affordable programs are in-district tuition at your local community colleges. After completion of the course you will need to pay for your written and practical skills exams.
The EMT-Paramedic Certificate Course will cost in the region of $3,500 to $15,500. Paramedical programs can last up to two years. The more affordable programs are also at your local community college. Once you have completed your course, you will need to apply for your states exams.

Emergency medical technicians will spend a lot of time in ambulances getting hands on training to enable them to complete a course and co the certification exam. The training programs will take place in a variety of settings and in different locations like hospitals, technical schools, community colleges or EMS academies.

Grants For Urgently Needed EMTs

Becoming an EMT can set anybody back and that is why it is so important to find out about EMT grants. The increase in the need for EMT staff has increased the need to fund the studies of those who have shown that they are in need as well as those who excel in their training. It is all very well find a accredited college to do your training at, but funding your training as well as everything that goes with it like books, accommodation and travel expenses, can be a challenge.

The first place to look for EMT grants is at the college you are doing your training at. In many instances, before you apply for grants and scholarships, you will need to show that you are achieving academic success. Qualifying for grants and what they expect from you in terms of eligibility will vary from state to state. To get financial aid you will need to be in good health. All EMT students will have to undergo a physical exam to qualify as well as give an account of all your vaccinations. This is important, because as an EMT you will be working with a diverse group of people and you will be exposed to a number of viruses and diseases.

Some Colleges That Offer EMT Financial Aid

  • Penn State – they offer a number of grants and scholarships. The grants include out of state grants for students who attend Penn State outside of the State of Pennsylvania. Check out their website at studentaid.psu.edu for details on how to apply for loans, scholarships, grants and financial aid.
  • Bowling Green Technical College – they offer fire training as well as EMT basic training and for their financial aid you can look at rick.wilson@kctcs.edu.
  • College Of Earth And Mineral Sciences – they offer financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants.
  • Ohio – Dept of Public Safety – the purpose of this EMS grant program is to enhance EMS and trauma patient care in this state. This is done by the provision of grant funds to eligible applicants. They offer six types of grants. The amount awarded for this grants will be determined by the Ohio EMS Board and by the amount of funds available. First priority is given to emergency medical service organizations for the training of personnel as well as for buying vehicles and equipment.
  • Apple A Day Rural Volunteer EMS Training Grants – these grants help to cover the costs of continuing education for those in the healthcare system like volunteer emergency medical technicians and first responders. Applicants stand a better chance at getting this grant if they demonstrate difficulty in accessing continuing education and the demonstrate service provided through and all volunteer agency. To be eligible for Apple A Day grant funds you must meet certain criteria: be a volunteer First Responder or Emergency Medical Technician who is certified in the state of Oregon and also be affiliated with a rural Oregon EMS agency.

EMT Grants Make Your Dreams A Reality

In as little as 18 months you can become a fully trained paramedic. There are many young people who want to go into this exciting field, but they give up on their dreams because of the cost of the education. EMT grants can make your dream become a reality. It is true that training can run into thousands of dollars depending on the level of certification you are wanting.

You can go onto the Internet and glean a lot of valuable information on EMT programs where you will get a full description about the educational programs as well as what is required of you to apply. EMT courses are offered at technical colleges and community colleges, but there are some fire departments who will pay for your paramedic program if you’re employed with them. To become a paramedic, you will first need an EMT-Basic certification. You will need to get certified in CPR for an EMT-Basic class. Get your EMT-B certification. Community colleges offer this at $500-$900. Thereafter you will need to take your National Registry EMT-Basic exam which is a computer adaptive test and which is really a difficult test. When you pass your EMT-B exam, you can proceed to Intermediate or go into Paramedic. Becoming a paramedic will require amongst others, programs in human anatomy and physiology, biology, English and maths.

The High Price Of EMT Tuition

EMT GrantsOn the road to becoming a paramedic you will become certified in things like cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support as well as pre-hospital trauma life support. Without EMT grants, these paramedic programs can cost anything up to $15,000 and this is just for the tuition without any study materials. On top of that there are other materials that you will need; things like a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, an EMT uniform, although sometimes your employer provides this.

Being an EMT or paramedic is no doubt one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, and training in emergency medicine can prepare you for riveting job opportunities.  The training you will get will be a combination of theory as well as practical information, bearing in mind that there are also online programs.

Ease The Financial Load

When you look at the level of training offered, there are very few students who fall into the bracket who are able to afford this kind of training. If you are badly wanting to get started in a career in emergency medical services, but you are put off by the high training costs associated with enrolling in an EMT training program, you may well find that EMT grants and scholarships are available to help you ease the financial load.

Emergency medical professionals can browse through the different grant providers. There are numerous ways to get grants for your EMS training. Grants need to be seen as a gift, because they are not just handed out willy nilly to anyone who applies for them. There are times when you actually find your application being rejected.

It is wonderful wanting to do any kind of training that can further your degree, but there is always that worry about furthering your education when there are no funds. The UCLA Center for Prehospital Care is able to offer assistance with paying for their courses: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Phlebotomy, and Paramedic Education courses. Federal Financial Aid is only available for students enrolling into the UCLA Paramedic program. Financial aid for this program comes from the West Los Angeles College Financial Aid Office, and is for Paramedic students who enroll with West L.A. College for college credit.

Grants are an excellent source of student financial aid, and the Federal Government offers millions of dollars for grants, but even so, finding the right grant can be difficult, because many times they are geared towards a specific person. As a student looking to do become an EMT, there are grants that are not specifically for EMT students but are available to those in the health care industry.


For most college students, secondary education comes with a hefty price tag and more so when it is such an intense course like the EMT training course. The US Government gives billions in federal financial aid to close to 14 million college students every year. Without EMT grants, many students would never see the inside of a college to get trained.

What grants and scholarships all have in common is that they are awards that don’t need to be repaid as long as you meet all requirements, and it is this very reason that they are such a sought after form of financial aid. Grants and scholarships are offered through certain schools but are also available by a number of private individual sources, governmental or organizational sources. Always check out what college grants and scholarships are available from a college before you apply because it could influence your choice of college.

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