A Bit More Detail On EMT Education Cost

Once you have decided you would like to forge a career as an EMT, it is important to consider the EMT Education Costs involved in your career goal. It will vary dependent on the institution you have chosen, however there are also additional costs that you will need to take into account.

Costs Of EMT Tuition

There are various courses designed for EMT Education and it is advisable that you carefully consider what role you would like to play in Emergency Management. Courses range from Basic EMT to Paramedic and the costs involved are directly related to this, as well as the institution. Colleges are more expensive; however there are EMT schools which offer cheaper tuition rates. The length of the course you choose, will also affect the rate.

  • Basic EMT Tuition – The cost of this course starts at approximately $650, 00, however you can pay as much as $2000 for a course through a college. EMT schools seem to have the lowest tuition rates, whilst colleges are more expensive. A Basic EMT course can be as short as 5 months and will equip you to be able to handle basic emergencies and work alongside a team on the ambulance, however you will be limited in the level of treatment you are permitted to give the patient i.e. you will not be equipped to set up an I.V. line.
  • Intermediate EMT Tuition – Tuition can start from approximately $800, 00. The course will be approximately 8 months or longer. An intermediate EMT is equipped to handle slightly more complex emergency situations.
    • Paramedic Tuition – The cost of Paramedic Education can range from approximately $3000, 00 to $13 000, 00. A Paramedic Education can take approximately 18 months to 2 years to complete and will equip you to deal with any emergency case, as well as the ability to perform treatment on the individual.

EMT Education Cost

These prices are based purely on the Tuition and do not include books, uniforms and other accessories, however some institution will include some of these items in their course fees.

At the end of the course you will most likely have to do a registration exam be listed as a member of the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), as required by the Department of Health.

  • Registration costs for your EMT Certification are approximately $35, 00 with a $70, 00 examination fee.
  • Registration costs for Paramedic Certification are approximately $40, 00 with a $40, 00 examination fee.

These need to be applied for by request to the NREMT (www.nremt.org) and you can do it online. They will give you a list of guidelines, according to your state.

Additional Costs Involved In EMT Education

The Institution where you do your EMT Education may have their own policies regarding what is included in the course fees, however most schools/colleges with have a list of additional accessories, which you will have to purchase.

  • Textbooks – This is dependent of the course you have chosen to do. The Basic EMT course will probably require fewer textbooks than the Paramedic Course for example. The price of textbooks varies great, but you can expect to pay from $30, 00 upwards for your books. It is helpful to look for second-hand books or to enquire about graduated students who would like to sell their books. Most schools and colleges will have an affiliated books store where you can purchase them, or will alternatively give you a list of where the books are available. Another option is to purchase your books second-hand on www.e-bay.com.
  • Uniforms – As an EMT you will be required to wear a uniform. The Basic uniform of an EMT is a white or blue shirt, black pants and black boots. Your uniform will be governed by the institution you work for, so it is best to find out about their uniform policies before you rush out a purchase one. The average cost of these three items is approximately $100. It is advised that you purchase three shirts, two pairs of pants and two pairs of boots if possible. The cost of your uniform will also depend on the brand you have chosen.
  • Health testing – It is a standard requirement that all EMT’s are adequately vaccinated and some may require testing for Tuberculosis prior to your entry into the program. The cost of this will vary and it is helpful to contact your nearest health center to enquire about these. An approximate cost for the Hepatitis B vaccine is $20, 00.
  • Liability Insurance – Some institutions require their EMT to be covered by Liability Insurance, which serves to protect and insure the EMT against malpractice suits. The average cost of this is around $100, 00 but will differ dependent on the company you are insured with.
  • EMT Accessories – As an EMT you will be required to carry certain tools around with you at all times. A watch with a second-hand is probably the most important accessory you will require. Price will depend on the brand and material of the watch you choose. Items such as a penlight will cost approximately $10, 00 and a CPR Micromask will cost approximately $16, 00. Some institutions will provide you company epilates or these may be at your own cost, so it is advisable to enquire about all the accessories you will personally require.

Funding Your EMT Education

Studying can be incredibly costly for even the most well-to-do person; however there are funding plans available. You will need to research what grants are available in your state or what Scholarships you are eligible for.

  • State EMT Associations help provide financial assistance to those wishing to pursue a career as an EMT. Many of these associations offer grants based on Academic Achievements and Merit and on average an association will offer a scholarship to two students per year. In some cases students will also only be considered according to financial needs along with Academic achievement.
  • The National Association of EMTS offers members scholarships to advance their studies in a program of their choice. One of the primary requirements is that you need to be a registered member of the association.
  • Grants and Scholarships are available to children of EMTS/Firefighters who are looking to follow in their parents footsteps.  Bound Tree Medical is one of the establishments that offers these scholarships.
  • Student Loans from Banks – Many banks have an optional loan for prospective students who are not able to fund their studies in one go. These loans are subject to terms and conditions and some banks will allow the student to only start repaying the loan once they have graduated and started working.

Choosing a career as an EMT is an incredibly rewarding endeavor. It will require hard work and determination, but the service you offer is one that will save many lives. It is advised that you thoroughly research all costs involved and are firm in the level of EMT training that you would like to pursue. Many colleges will have an in-depth breakdown of the EMT Education Costs involved in your qualification and will most likely have a list of resources for purchasing all the additional accessories, such as textbooks and uniforms.

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