Taking CNA Classes Online

Online is not the way of the future, it’s the way of the now. Nursing is experiencing something of a purple patch as far as growth is concerned, since the medical industry looks to replenish and grow its current and future nursing resources. Retirements are on the increase whilst people who need care are also on the rise, stoking the need for all types of nurses. CNA’s (Certified Nurse Assistant) may provide basic or primary care in a nursing assistant capacity, but the need for them remains high and the availability of CNA online courses serves to make the profession more obtainable by a wider pool of society. One can nowadays simply study entirely online whilst earning valuable in-service, hands-on training in a local hospital, clinic or care facility to earn your certification.

Although the course is now more widely available, and free in some instances, applicants still need to research the field and evaluate themselves very closely to ensure that they are the right person to perform this very demanding and selfless service.

Just like its superior cousins, the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and RN (Registered Nurse), CNA classes online are provided by top institutions to provide quality nursing instruction and education.

The Process Of Online CNA Classes

Despite what the title suggests or indicates, you cannot obtain nursing assistant certification exclusively online. In fact the final written exam and skills test is conducted in person at a state examination venue. What CNA classes online actually means is precisely what it says, that there are online classes available which provide the same information as one would find in the equivalent campus classroom. Of course the CNA online program is merely half of the job – the theoretical half that is – and there’s still the important physical aspect of nurse training to consider. Prior to applying for any course, thorough research is required to ensure that you’re in the right place, studying the right course – one suited to your strengths. This is equally important even when pursuing CNA certification online, beyond any classroom.

Typically students are required to complete the equivalent of the six to eighteen weeks of training they would obtain through conventional college avenues, only because you’re not bound by schedules and can set up your own study plan, you may work through courses quicker. In other words it all depends on you, the student and your ability to study well enough (and quickly enough – if that is a factor) to ace the certification exam.

The prerequisite to any CNA program, online or otherwise, is a high school diploma; and of course if you’re looking toward the online CNA certification, then naturally a stable internet connection will be essential.

Instructions as to application requirements are provided by the sites/institutions which provide the classes, and this includes fees and generally all necessary information pertaining to the class. Good sites should provide enough contact information for you to voice any concerns or queries. Since you won’t be obtaining a physical certification, your main concern would be to ensure the programs legitimacy and the equivalency of the standard to others like it.

What Is Included In The Online CNA Certification

The CNA classes online, as mentioned,CNA Classes Online doesn’t differ from what you’d expect from any classroom instruction, only that the onus is on the student to diligently get the job done. All the customary subjects are there in the curriculum such as Anatomy, terminology, First Aid including CPR, administering IV’s, primary patient care, communication, computer skills and instructions on how to deal with a variety of situations which any CNA might find themselves in. When it comes to the physical aspect of the course, there are a number of online videos instructing and illustrating on methods for certain procedures pertinent to the CNA’s job description. Some sites refer to these online videos as virtual labs, but as expected, with such a service is a suitable price.

As with any nursing course, it’s the fine details that are of utmost importance and it’s imperative that the student grasp these teachings on their own accord. The CNA classes online are usually adopted by those with little other option or for the more confident at heart with great aptitude for care giving.

Free CNA Training Online

It will encourage many to hear that there are rare free CNA online classes available, specifically provided by the Red Cross. With this well-known and trusted name, many aspiring CNA’s will look toward them for education with a well-proven record, professional and structured classes to provide top quality training. Their site provides plenty of information on what to expect, where one need apply and the results you need obtain to pass.

In addition to the Red Cross, Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma are also known to provide free classes, as theirs is supplemented by the Oklahoma State Department of Health fund. Although, this program only covers for a limited amount of students, making placement nowhere near guaranteed.

Advantages Of CNA Online

  • students are able to study from the comfort of their own homes (perhaps saving any transport costs)
  • it’s simple with the same standards as classroom curriculums
  • students looking to study part time will be able to experience a new kind of convenience as they get to study off-work hours and in their own time, thus they’re able to form their own study plans
  • it broadens the reach of nursing as a career to many more people who would otherwise be unable to study to be a Certified Nurse Aid without having to travel great distances
  • At the discretion of the student, they will be able to potentially study quicker or with more intensity, thereby shortening the duration of the course. Thus students are able to keep their own pace when it comes to study time, also giving them opportunity to completely comprehend the work they’re studying.
  • due to tight schedules and an already straining health sector, many care facilities and hospitals do not have the time or the man power to train nurses on site, thus proving that the CNA classes online are very useful. Since most hospitals or clinics are looking to employ already certified nurse aids, it further encourages aspirant CNA’s to pursue online CNA certification. So, once certified, the chances of almost immediate employment is very high.
  • Due to the fact that you are in charge of studying the material, you are able to get in depth knowledge of the course instead of simply taking in what classroom instruction offers.
  • Generally, CNA classes online are more convenient and cost effective
  • with unemployment on the rise virtually everywhere in world, online courses provide a unique way of gaining an education from your home. People no longer have to enrol exclusively at a university or college to gain a qualification, technology has brought it all to us
  • you’ll be able to work (day job) while you study

Disadvantages Of CNA Programs Online

  • if the student has any immediate questions, there will not be a lecturer at hand to voice those misunderstandings
  • Despite popular belief, you cannot obtain certification exclusively from studying online
  • some courses do charge certain fees whilst others offer programs for free
  • you will not gain the same kind of in-service experience as those doing apprenticeship’s in hospitals, clinics or senior care facilities. Since patient communication and human interaction is such a crucial component of nursing, it may serve as a larger disadvantage than some might think, serving so much less time within the hallways of a hospital, under the stewardship of a fellow experienced nurse
  • inevitably hands-on working experience will be required, and learning something via face-to-face physical demonstration may prove more fruitful than video illustration
  • Some states courses differ in content and duration, thus research is needed to ensure that the course you’ve applied for is in fact the one you always expected and intended to study
  • having to seek out and arrange lab and working experience to gain physical instruction and practice under the guidance of a Registered Nurse, pertinent to the skills test every prospective CNA will be obligated to pass.

Personal Requirements For This Job

Nursing is a job that clinically everyone is capable of doing, but not everyone is suited to it. It does take something special to care for someone you do not know or have no natural link to – most people feel easier to care for a loved one who needs special care. When it comes to things like feeding and bathing a total stranger, the job permutations truly come into focus, especially when those you’re caring for are either not appreciative, or simply are unable to be due to their illness. For a long time nursing was a very under-appreciated and unglamorous job, and while the latter is still true, society has steadily experienced a growing sense of gratitude toward the people in this humbling profession. Online CNA certification has certainly contributed to that growth; and it’s drastically needed if the nursing shortage is to be seen to.

What To Look Out For When Pursuing A CNA Program

The key when pursuing an online CNA program is to make sure it’s the course for you. There are a number of CNA practice tests you can obtain online to gain a better grasp of what’s to be expected in the course and to prepare you for what’s to come. A good piece of advice for prospective students is to do some reconnaissance work on the institution providing the classes as well as finalizing the eventual location and governing body behind the certification exam. This is to ensure that your studies will be recognized by the state you’re in, and that the institution is in fact accredited.

Some institutions that offer free CNA programs online do carry with it an obligation that you sign a contract to work for them for a set amount of time. This should not present a problem for those looking to gain a bit of experience though.

There are a few other requirements that are often missed, such as your personal health and fitness. Of course not all nurses are able to lift and carry another person. In some instances one may need to subdue a combative patient (though techniques for dealing with such patients are covered in the CNA program syllabus). Good eyesight is another aspect that needs to be considered; of course allowances may be made for people with spectacles but physical tests will be carried out that one needs to be prepared for. Aside from possessing a high school diploma or GED, applicants may not have a criminal record if they wish to be a certified nurse aid.

All these aspects and requirements will need to be considered and met if you desire to pursue a career in nursing.

Obtaining The Right Experience As A CNA

There are many facets to the role of a Certified Nursing Assistant, but not all of those roles can be properly learned and perfected through CNA classes online. Although all the subjects are there and provided by a variety of accredited colleges and Universities (American Red Cross, Tulsa Community College, Kaplan University, Liberty University Online, The Arizona State University), the hands-on work experience still needs to be sought by the student themselves. Overall, CNA certification online is a major convenience that has brought the art of primary care giving to a greater portion of society, especially in a time when there are more people requiring special care.

Although the job needs the utmost dedication, attention and caution; job satisfaction is said to be very good, and with a very decent earning potential; Nursing Aid is becoming a very popular career choice.

Ultimately you need to select a course that provides as much value as possible and to not compromise too much simply with the idea of saving time and money – the goal of course is for you to eventually be a qualified and become a top quality Nursing assistant with great future potential.

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