Accredited Courses Offered By CDI College Pharmacy Technician Online

Choosing a Pharmacy Technician Online School need not be complicated and studying online is a fantastic way to study at your own pace. It is always recommended to do extensive research on the college you want to study at because if it is not accredited, your training may well not be acknowledged when you start looking for a job. CDI College Pharmacy Technician Online is a highly recommended online training college if you want to get a quality online pharmacy technician job. When you do research on the Internet, you will find that they are one of the best schools available, and you can sign up with them quickly and easily and be halfway through your course while other students are still trying to look for a college to commence their studying.

A Number Of CDI Colleges In Canada

Make sure that the pharmacy technician online course that you are interested in offers the right courses. The CDI pharmacy technician course teaches students the knowledge and skills so that they have the confidence to work in the pharmacy industry. Students will learn all about narcotics control, drug distribution, as well as information on the  Food and Drug Act, and much more.  Students practice their customer service skills  and will also develop real-world workplace skills. There are a number of CDI colleges throughout Canada, and the following colleges provide students with the Pharmacy Technician Program:

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • London
  • Burnaby
  • Ottawa
  • Sudbury
  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Thunder Bay

The CDI College has as their focus to produce graduates who are well equipped to pursue opportunities in the pharmacy industry. The college has curriculum development teams who are consulting regularly with employer advisory groups in order to keep pace with technological innovations in every industry. Pharmacy technicians assist  licensed pharmacists in providing health care to patients.

CDI Turns Out Well Trained Pharmacy Technicians

CDI College Pharmacy Technician Online is a leading health care community college who realize that the pharmacy technician has become indispensable to pharmacists, assisting them with numerous jobs in their busy day. The college wants to provide well trained  pharmacy technicians who can complete their training conveniently online.  Some states require that any  individual working  as a  pharmacy technician become nationally certified, and CDI College is a leading career training institution in Canada, providing this certification.CDI College Pharmacy Technician

Top On-line Instructors

If you are  training for a career in health care, CDI’s programs will prepare you to use in the most professional way.  Training will be offered by the very best instructors who themselves have years of field experience, and their programs and courses combine classroom-based theory with practical application. The bottom line is that with the skills and knowledge you achieve from  CDI College, you will be well prepared to enter the market in a short space of time.

Different Pharmacy Tech Courses

To pass the certification board exams and become certified as a pharmacy tech, enrolling at a reputable on-line college or traditional college is necessary to provide you with the necessary training and work experience. There are a number of qualifications available to pharmacy tech students through online pharmacy technician schools or traditional colleges:

  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate- this is the basic level of study.  The pharmacy technician certificate course consists of anything from 12 to 36 weeks of study which will include on the job training.
  • Pharmacy Technician Diploma – cover the same aspects of the certificate program do.  Pharmacy technician diploma qualifications will take up to a year to complete with a traditional college.
  • Pharmacy Technician Associate Degree – this degree will take about two years to complete and includes advanced training which is not found with the diploma or certificate course.

Each of the above mentioned programs prepare students for their certification exams.

CDI offers more than 50 diploma and certificate programs, so you can be sure to find the one that meets your needs. Their pharmacy technician program, which lasts for 41 weeks will include:

  • dispensing
  • customer service and communication skills
  • computer processing
  • mathematics
  • drug/body interactions …. as well as others

Students will also learn how to put their skills to use in different settings, whether it be in the retail industry,  hospital or small business.

Once students have completed the program, they will be able to write exams with the College of Pharmacists.


Each state or province has their own regulatory body that awards accreditation, or grants a license, so CDI campuses which are found in different states, accredit differently. Depending on which state you choose to practice, it may be a mandatory requirement for you to take an exam with one of the two main governing boards: Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT).

In  British Columbia, the college is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA). Programs in Alberta are licensed by Alberta Advanced Education. If you’re training in Manitoba, the CDI campus in Winnipeg is accredited by the Manitoba branch of the National Association of Career Colleges. In Ontario the CDI College is registered with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS) is the regulatory body in Quebec.

Training To Prepare You To Write And Pass Exams

Pharmacy technicians need a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice  but they don’t need the advanced college education required of a licensed pharmacist. The pharmacy technician program will prepare students for entry-level pharmacy technician positions. Students will learn how to process prescriptions and they will also learn the ethics of pharmacy practice. There is nothing that will be left out, and the training you receive will set you up to pass the National Certification Exam offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Financial Aid For Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

It is true that you will be saving money by doing your pharmacy technician certification online, but even so there are those who will battle to make the payments. Financial assistance is available from the financial representative at your particular CDI campus. CDI College realizes that not every student will be able to afford tuition and they provide a number of financial solutions:

  • Provincial Government Student Assistance – each provincial government has its own financial assistance programs.
  • RBC Royal Credit Line for Students – The Royal Credit Line for Students is available to full-time and part-time students who need to finance their studies. Students can borrow funds as they need them, and they only pay interest on the amount they use.
  • Federal government grants  – CDI will assist students with scholarships and financial aid. Their  campus financial advisors have the latest information on financial aid programs for students and will advise you on any CDI College scholarships that may be available to you.  However, as a student you can also apply yourself. You complete a FAFSA, known as  Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Send in more than one application as soon as possible, as this will give you more of a chance of getting in.

Tuition with a CDI College can be paid through loan disbursements received from a student loan or by cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard or Interac.

CDI Pharmacy Technician Course (Diploma)

Canada has a  growing pharmacy industry and the demand for highly trained individuals is high. They offer a Pharmacy Technician diploma program which equips pharmacy technicians to fill these positions effortlessly.  The students will learn about dispensing, compounding, mathematics, drug/body interactions, computer processing, drug delivery systems as well as others.


There are so many benefits and advantages you can enjoy when you commit to CDI College Pharmacy Technician Online training. For starters, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money by not traveling to your college and you have the wonderful convenience of working at your own pace and going over the work as often as you like.

Anyone interested in pursuing a position in the health care sector will find that the Pharmacy Technician program at CDI College meets all their requirements which are set by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs, or CCAPP. CDI specializes in online learning and they make use of the latest digital media technology to ensure their students have access to the best online training experience.

CDI’s programs are formally accredited. It pays to get started with a school that has the right credentials because when employers know that you have done training through CDI they know that their students are well equipped to fill any pharmacy technician positions in hospital pharmacies, retail businesses, pharmaceutical manufacturing industries as well as in clinical research. When you enroll with CDI’s on-line pharmacy technician program you with get comprehensive on-line training that has everything you need.  You can study in your own time with their excellent study guides, quizzes and have contact via forums and live chat with the skilled instructors.

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